From Fragile to Fabulous

Ladies Only | Sophisticated | Shared Personal Training | Exclusive.

Ever dreamed of opening your own Boutique Fitness Studio?

At Cloud 9 we have created a totally different environment for ladies to
embark upon their fitness journey.

Starting your own fitness business can be incredibly daunting. You have to know the stats of your target audience in the area that you would like to open your studio, work out all the operating systems, price points, legal documents, forms, and more.

We started Cloud 9 Boutique Fitness Studio in 2015, with the vision of providing something totally different for women in the community.

Women between the ages of 30 – 60 account for 73% of female gym members. In the past, having a personal trainer by your side was a great way to get results and answers to your questions, but this can become expensive when the average price for a more experienced trainer can be upward of $60 per session.

Enter Cloud 9 Boutique Fitness Studio providing a small private facility where women can feel relaxed in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

Only 6 or fewer ladies book in with a trainer at any one time. Open more time slots as the Studio grows to a point where you can have 2 trainers teaching in 2 separate rooms in peak times.

Cloud 9 management can plan session times and staff needed with members being committed to a weekly direct debit. This gives the added advantage of knowing how much income you will receive each week.

With this proven model being highly successful since its inception, we are now planning to help like-minded fitness professionals start their own business, fully supported from day one! From design and fit-out, marketing and systems that work, why would you risk flying blind? Our level of care to clients will be the same as our support to new Cloud 9 Fitness Studio owners, which is second to none.

Cloud 9 is not a traditional gym, it’s a completely new concept offering
targeted, shared personal training to ladies who don’t feel comfortable in
a traditional gym environment.

Low start up

Low break even

Membership Based

Shared Personal Training

Cloud 9 fitness app

Our club management software is totally integrated between you and your clients. Our app based booking system, which updates in real time, makes running your business a breeze! you can practically run the business from your iPad or phone anywhere!

Each club will have high end professional gym equipment, Tanita Body Composition Analysis scales (invaluable for progress tracking),and a option to sell Protein, apparel, water etc. Maximum 200 members at each studio – after that it’s a waiting list.

What makes us different?

women only fitness studio

Most popular membership $59 per week

All profits from supplementary sales are 100% yours

We wont take a % of your profit



Cloud 9, different from any other franchise model (in a good way!)

This is how it works:
Years 1 & 2 - Startup Mentoring & Support

$160 p/w
$0 Per client per week*

Years 3+ - Ongoing Support

$0 p/w*
$1.60 Per client per week

* limited to the first 5 studios

How much could I make?

The most popular membership is $59 per week.
This translates to the following:

Multiply this by 100 members and you have a
weekly turnover in excess of $5,900.

Multiply this by 200 members and you have a
weekly turnover in excess of $11,800.

By following our proven system we can
provide your business with every opportunity
to thrive and return healthy profits.

High end Fitout

Turnkey solution

Feel Good Business

“Over the last number of years, boutique fitness has been booming and this niche sector is now one of the fastest growing in the fitness industry.”

Glowfox March 2019

Cloud 9 offers your clients a truly unique
fitness, wellbeing and weight loss solution.

If they have tried all of the diets, counted
the calories, donated to the local 24hr gym,
and are still not satisfied with their results -
they will be eager to join the next big thing in
motivated, lifestyle fitness and health - Cloud 9.

“Over the last number of years, boutique fitness has been booming and this niche sector is now one of the fastest growing in the fitness industry.”

Glowfox March 2019

30 minute exercise sessions

Like to know more?

Cloud 9 Boutique Fitness Studio

2/67 Brighton Road,
Sandgate Queensland 4017

Ph. Mark 0404 955 654